In the summer of 2016, Landon Berry and family friend Matt Oakeley came up with the idea to start promoting and selling beef directly from the Berry Ranch to individuals and restaurants. Our beef is all-natural, grass-fed, antibiotic- and growth-hormone free. One thing that sets Berry Beef apart from other grass-fed beef companies is that our cattle graze on some of the highest protein-content grass in the nation (Johnson Mesa, NM). Our cattle never need to set “hoof” in a feedlot; they are able to be entirely grass-finished.

People that have tried our beef say it is the most natural, best-tasting beef that they have ever tasted.  Today, most of our business resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico but we are proud to be serving Berry Beef to customers all over the nation.  We recommend you give Berry Beef a try so you can taste the difference between real beef compared to anything store bought.

Rare Breed

While many of his generation have left ranching behind, Landon Berry chooses to carry on his family's legacy in New Mexico. Story and photography by Tim Keller, Western Horseman, July 2015              ...